Computational Pipelines for End-to-End Workflow Automation

Computational pipeline (CP) is a new feature for building, standardizing, and automating workflows of multiple computing tasks. R&D end-users and leaders can set specific configurations of software and hardware for individual computing jobs and chain them together with specific sequences or conditional logic.

Organizations that utilize simulation and modeling in R&D processes, especially with multi-stage computing workflows, use CPs to accelerate the speed of analysis and time-to-insight while improving engineering efficiency. Standardized CP workflows abstract the complexity of individual and manual job execution and enable reproducibility and modularity to swap in new tools as needed.

Computational pipeline is available in private beta for all customers and can be implemented through execution tools in the Rescale software catalog, such as Nextflow, Dassault Isight, Siemens HEEDS, Ansys OptiSlang, Optimus* (* only available in Elastic Cloud Workstation).

To learn more, watch the demo of Automotive Brake Analysis Workflow in our resource center.