Integrated License Hosting Now Generally Available

Rescale customers can use Rescale License Hosting to host licenses for their simulation software. Rescale license hosting enables integrated and consistent management of all commercial software licenses for jobs and workflows that run commercial software with licensing requirements. This feature is available for Rescale Workspace admins, integrated within the administration portal and allows users to self-provision and monitor one or more software license hosts in one place. Configured license hosts can be assigned to specific workspaces for access management and billing purposes.

This feature, previously in Beta availability, is now Generally Available to all Rescale users starting May 1st 2024 at $99/month per host instance.  Current Beta users of License Hosting can continue their use of  Rescale License Hosting without any interruption, and will be charged monthly starting May 1st.  Users may stop using license hosting by simply removing defined license hosts from the administrative portal.

Read more about Rescale License Hosting with detailed guides in our product documentation.