New Job Environment Variables for CLI and Scripts

Simplify your workflows with RESCALE_JOB_ID and RESCALE_API_BASE_URL environment variables.

We are excited to introduce two new environment variables, RESCALE_JOB_ID and RESCALE_API_BASE_URL, designed to significantly enhance script portability and facilitate self-introspection of jobs. These updates aim to streamline your experience and enable more efficient workflows.

Key Features:

  • Portable API Base URL: The RESCALE_API_BASE_URL environment variable simplifies the identification of the Rescale platform your job is running on, making it easier to utilize the Rescale CLI or Scripts across different environments seamlessly.
  • Job Self-Introspection: With the RESCALE_JOB_ID environment variable, jobs can now easily reference their own IDs, enabling advanced functionalities such as self-status checks or updates without complicated scripting logic.


  • Enhanced Portability and Flexibility: By easily identifying the running platform and job ID, developers can create more versatile and portable applications, reducing the need for platform-specific configurations.
  • Streamlined Workflow Automation: These environment variables facilitate the automation of job workflows, including job chaining and orchestration, by providing essential job-specific information readily available within the job context.
  • Reduced Complexity: The introduction of these environment variables eliminates the need for workarounds or complicated scripts to obtain basic job and platform information, simplifying job setup and execution.

Who’s Impacted?

Methods developers will find these environment variables particularly beneficial for enhancing operational efficiency and workflow automation.

Getting Started:

To leverage these new environment variables, incorporate RESCALE_JOB_ID and RESCALE_API_BASE_URL into your job scripts or CLI commands. This allows for dynamic adjustment of scripts based on the job’s execution context and the Rescale platform being used.