2022 State of Computational Engineering Report

Insights, statistics, and sentiments from practitioners of compute-driven innovation

In the last decade, cloud has transformed software development by removing constraints. Today, cloud is
removing the same constraints in physical product development, and the disruption will be just as significant.

Rescale has the privilege of working closely with companies leading this next wave of innovation. Each are
employing computational science & engineering to commercialize unprecedented engineered products – from personalized medicine, to commercial supersonic transport, to fusion power.

This report has two goals. First, to help technology professionals understand the state of this fast-evolving
discipline. Second, to celebrate the contributions of scientists and engineers pioneering new discoveries
powered by high performance computing (HPC).

Our survey of 233 engineers, scientists, and high performance computing professionals found some key
trends. First, organizations are aggressively using computing to explore new product possibilities. Second,
engineering teams with easy access to compute are far more likely to have successful projects. Third, for many organizations, HPC automation plays a central role in their R&D transformation strategy.
Decades after the the dawn of computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE),
computing today is used not only to validate designs, but also to help identify the frontiers of what’s possible. Rescale is in service to our science and engineering users, who are pushing these boundaries to solve the world’s biggest challenges.

We hope you enjoy this report.

Edward Hsu,
Chief Product Officer, Rescale