Accelerate Drug Discovery With Rescale On AWS and NVIDIA

High performance computing (HPC) helps researchers and computational scientists expedite early stage research and speed up drug development.

The process of finding the right drug candidate suitable for preclinical and clinical trials is like searching the beach for one perfect grain of sand. Out of hundreds of thousands of compounds screened and analyzed for various characteristics, only one or two make it to clinical trials. Of  that, only about 10-12 percent3 reach the market—and that’s after years and billions of dollars spent on clinical research.

Computer-aided drug design (CADD), high-throughput screening (HTS), and AI-based drug discovery tools help speed up early research, allowing scientists to sift through compounds faster. However, outdated infrastructures and massive, siloed datasets prevent researchers from using these tools to their full potential.

In-house infrastructure typically falls short, due to the spikey nature of research workloads, increasing computational requirements, and budget overruns. Fortunately, leveraging HPC in the cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS) makes it possible for pharmaceutical companies to rapidly scale even the most computationally demanding stochastic modeling and simulation workloads with elastic resources and a pay-as- you-go approach.

With that in mind, browse our latest solutions brief to explore common hurdles in the early research and clinical trial phases of drug discovery, and discover industry-leading solutions that leverage the latest cloud technologies.