AMD Cloud Labs On Rescale

The easier way to run efficient, cost- effective HPC work- loads on the cloud

Run your next experiment in AMD Cloud Labs

Explore how HPC built for cloud can advance your project in AMD Cloud Labs. The portal gives HPC users easy access to AMD-based virtual machines that Rescale has onboarded from major cloud providers. Customers can bring their own licenses and quickly run simulations, often within minutes.


  • Plug into the best tools: Get the latest AMD hardware as soon as it’s available, pre-tuned for HPC workflows.
  • Find everything you need: Access 1,000+ version-controlled applications, available instantly.
  • Get work done faster: Run high-fidelity simulations in a matter of minutes with the turnkey portal, with or without IT expertise.
  • Compare before you commit: See how different AMD architectures stack up based on price and performance to ensure every job runs optimally.