Four Strategies Towards Sustainable Computing

Rescale serves some of the largest engineering-driven companies in the world, with our cloud-based platform for computational science & engineering. This gives us a unique vantage point on sustainability. Our customers are creating everything from new electric personal aerial transport to commercial nuclear fusion power reactors. We are proud to be powering an engineering renaissance that is creating a more sustainable world.

Computing is enabling a more sustainable future, but we can do more: computing itself should be more sustainable. And now is the time. Data centers have a carbon footprint comparable to commercial aviation, responsible for 2% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, and is expected to exceed 3% by 2025.

The Rescale Sustainable Compute Initiative is our effort to help our customers and partners collectively address the challenge powering innovation through computing while making compute sustainable. Sustainably Power Compute-Driven Innovation Four Strategies Towards Sustainable Computing.

As part of this initiative, we are very excited to share our new sustainable computing infrastructure service with our launch partner Responsible Compute.