Rescale Brings New HPC and AI Capabilities to Market via the IBM Cloud

Rescale selects IBM as a preferred cloud provider, helping customers achieve unprecedented performance, scale and flexibility
Salt Lake City, Utah — Rescale, a global leader in cloud high performance computing (HPC), announced today that it has selected IBM Cloud as a preferred cloud computing provider, expanding its global HPC infrastructure network. By running Rescale’s simulation and deep learning platform on the IBM Cloud, engineers, data scientists, CIOs, and IT professionals gain greater global reach, flexibility, and performance for their data and graphics-intensive workloads.

Rescale’s platform provides a software library of over 180+ simulation and machine learning applications that tackle the world’s toughest big data and big compute IT challenges. Now companies can deploy Rescale’s turn-key SaaS platform in any IBM Cloud Data Center worldwide. This also includes running popular deep learning and AI software packages by providing unlimited, pay-as-you-go access to the latest GPUs, enabling organizations to stay on the cutting edge of R&D. Rescale on IBM Cloud enables seamless access and utilization of HPC resources in the cloud, enabling engineers and data scientists to increases efficiency and time to market and providing IT executives increased visibility and control over the full-stack environment.

“IBM Cloud is democratizing HPC. We are not just breaking down the financial barriers to entry; now, with Rescale, we are also making this raw compute power accessible and easy to use,” said Marc Jones, Distinguished Engineer, IBM Cloud Infrastructure.

Companies can now select IBM’s bare-metal cloud servers enabled with the latest NVIDIA® GPU capabilities to meet the technical and performance requirements of applications in data mining, machine learning, and simulation. IBM’s GPU-enabled servers can be spun up on an hourly basis, giving companies granular control and scalability over their private, public or hybrid cloud environments. In addition to the latest x86 processors, NVIDIA GPU accelerators, Rescale plans to extend its support to IBM POWER-based server capabilities in 2017.

The Rescale solution running on the IBM Cloud is key for companies running HPC workloads in a broad range of sectors such as life sciences and genomics, computer-aided engineering and manufacturing, electronic design automation and semiconductors, and financial services.
By running their simulation and HPC workloads on the Rescale platform, customers benefit from:

  • Faster product time to market by shortening design cycles and improved software development.
  • Reduced IT capex spend and improved TCO and ROI from a cloud-based pay-as-you-go model—customers use only what’s needed.
  • Transformed IT agility by enabling global collaboration and access to HPC infrastructure.
  • Integrated solutions including hybrid, on-premises, private and public cloud, and IoT networks.

“Most of the IT innovation that is happening today is with a cloud-first model,” said Joris Poort, co-founder and CEO of Rescale. “We’re building a platform that can satisfy and accelerate the ideas of the world’s top scientists and thinkers. From automotive design to drug discovery and even actual rocket science, we’re empowering our customers as leaders in their respective fields, to accomplish more and innovation faster.”

To find out more about how Rescale on IBM Cloud can improve your HPC workloads come by the NVIDIA Booth #2231 at SC16.

About Rescale
Rescale is the global leader for high-performance computing simulations and deep learning in the cloud. Trusted by the Global Fortune 500, Rescale empowers the world’s top scientists and engineers to develop the most innovative new products and perform groundbreaking research and development faster and at lower cost. Rescale’s platform transforms traditional fixed IT resources into flexible, hybrid, private, and public cloud resources – built on the largest and most powerful high-performance computing network in the world. For more information on Rescale products and services, visit

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