Sensatek Empowers R&D Innovation with Rescale

Launching Disruptive Technology in Established Markets

Sensatek Propulsion Technology, situated on the Space Coast – the aerospace hub of Florida, delivers cutting-edge turbine sensor technology to customers in record time. In the recent wave of innovation among aerospace companies, operational speed and agility are critical factors of competitiveness. Sensatek needed a way to accelerate their product development, control costs, and keep engineers focused on critical product milestones. By partnering with Rescale, Sensatek was able to quickly launch their multiple workloads and scale up across the latest and best-fit cloud HPC resources.

Optimized Compute Leads to Accelerated Commercialization

Being the first to market with a novel sensor product in an established industry demonstrates Sensatek’s engineering ingenuity and laser focus. They quickly made inroads in the aerospace and energy industries for their groundbreaking on-blade turbine sensor technology, but building a product that could withstand the rigorous demands of their customers (e.g. US Air Force) required rigorous testing on every design specification across a variety of harsh conditions. To do this they needed to simulate electromagnetics and materials performance under intense heat and velocity scenarios. Procuring and configuring the necessary compute resources posed a complex IT challenge which would have pulled critical attention and time away from product development. In choosing Rescale’s platform for intelligent compute, Sensatek was able to automate their HPC operations and devote engineers’ time to their key competive advantage. Rescale also provided access to a library of industry-leading applications like Ansys HFSS, Fluent, and Mechanical, preinstalled and ready to use.

Sensatek CTO Josh McConkey said, “We have a variety of specific and intensive compute requirements that Rescale was able to optimize by helping us determine the cost-performant hardware for the workloads we run. Rescale was able to help us dynamically allocate and maximize our HPC resources, ultimately reducing our projected 2,200 simulation hours down to 300, or 9 months of work down to 2 months.”

A Strategic Investment to Unleash Competitive Advantages

As a company that takes pride in its approach to ideation and testing novel solutions, Sensatek needed a solution to solve their compute bottleneck. Prior to using Rescale for their HPC needs, Sensatek relied on custom-built workstations that often required several weeks to complete a new design simulation, resulting in costly delays. “Utlilizing Rescale’s compute expertise gives us an advantage of tools that would normally be available to larger companies” said founder and CEO Reamonn Soto. “Our strategic investments in technology like Rescale are important for our ability to solidfy our competitive advantage in the market, especially for our speed to market and enabling our team to focus on what we do best.”