Sumitomo Electric Industries Redefines R&D Innovation with AI on Rescale

Automated computational engineering is helping this long-established metals manufacturer accelerate and streamline their R&D of next-gen materials through AI/ML and scientific computing.

Sumitomo Electric Industries is a long-established metals manufacturer that owns the world’s largest market share for products like electronics circuitry and industrial cutting tools. When the Japanese Government announced the Green Transformation “GX” clean energy policy in 2022, Sumitomo Electric immediately began overhauling their compute-driven R&D efficiency. For that, they turned to Rescale.

Founded in 1897 to produce copper wire for electrical uses, Sumitomo Electric now operates globally in five segments: automotive, telecommunications, electronics, green energy, and industrial materials. With more than 280,000 employees working across 40 countries around the world, Sumitomo Electric is the creator of many products commonly used today.

With a strong inclination toward innovation that began in the era of the horse and buggy, Sumitomo Electric has continued to increase efficiency and improve product design through taking advantage of the latest R&D technologies. They saw the new GX initiative as an opportunity to improve their R&D processes in this way, and soon created new teams focused on Materials Informatics (MI) and Process Informatics (PI) to do exactly that. 

In taking advantage of emerging techniques aimed at improving efficiency of materials development by embracing information science, Sumitomo Electric’s new MI/PI groups found that the Rescale platform best sped up and streamlined their R&D of next-gen materials through AI/ML and scientific computing.

Sumitomo Electric achieved the following with Rescale:

  • Accelerated AI Application Performance by 10x
  • Reduced material development time by 50%
  • 5x increase in new patents
  • Centralized HPC resource and application management 
  • Supported streamlined collaboration with supply chain and research partners 
  • Democratized access of advanced computing tools