Scalable and Flexible Supercomputing for Higher Education

Comprehensive and flexible platform built for higher education institutions to take advantage of the latest computing technologies and perform cutting-edge research in science and engineering.

Turnkey, Cost-Effective 
Multi-Cloud Management

Automated and easy-to-manage software-as-a-service platform to access High Performance Computing resources. Use any preferred clouds and specialized architectures while paying only for the cost of the infrastructure to run compute intensive research applications.

Comprehensive Visibility and
Automated Administration

Rescale offers HPC managers and administrators complete cost control and usage transparency, allowing universities to allocate resources efficiently across all student and faculty projects.

Latest Applications for Science, Research, and Engineering

Instantly access over 1,000 managed scientific and engineering applications, including the latest versions of leading commercial and open-source software. Bring your own custom applications via containers or Spack.

Flexible API, GUI, and
Scheduler User Experience

Streamline workflows using Rescale’s API and interface with schedulers, such as Slurm, for seamless job submission to complement existing on-premises resources.  The Rescale platform is accessible via an intuitive GUI or API, offering unprecedented flexibility to customize the user experience to each department’s needs.

Industry Leading
Security & Compliance

Rescale Academic Essentials delivers full-stack security and compliance across any cloud and application to ensure user and IP data are protected. Certifications include:

Higher Education Customer Spotlight

Texas Tech University

“Rescale has made it possible to explore options with improved ease of use to extend our on-premises services, include HPC-as-a-service cloud resources, optimize the cost of our infrastructure, and the potential to move jobs between on-premises and multiple cloud providers.”

– Alan Sill, Managing Director of High Performance Computing Center

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