Rescale Introduces World’s First HPC Analytics Platform Designed for Business Leaders

SAN FRANCISCO, June 24, 2020 — Rescale Inc., the leader in enterprise big compute, today announced the general availability of Rescale Insight, the industry’s first comprehensive business management solution for high performance computing (HPC). For the first time, Rescale Insight empowers the CFO, CIO, and CTO with in-depth controls to meet financial, security, and architectural requirements.

Growth in HPC spend is outpacing overall IT budgets, with HPC’s 5-year CAGR exceeding twice the overall IT market. Despite HPC budgets reaching millions of dollars, managing spend effectively without stifling R&D has historically been difficult. Legacy management tools are focused on infrastructure utilization rates, but lack any knowledge of the applications, business and financial goals.

Rescale Insight is built on a fully managed HPC platform with data for over 400 applications, so it can provide analytics on software license usage, detailed hardware architecture performance, and budget usage. Full stack control helps IT leaders ensure compliance and security. Economic transparency and policy-based financial controls enable business leaders to minimize cost. Rescale’s serverless architecture ensures that customers only pay for what they use. Rescale Insight’s industry-first multi-cloud AI-driven recommendation engine ensures applications are matched with the best price/performance architectures in real-time.
Industry leaders including Aerion Supersonic and Bionano Genomics have taken advantage of Rescale Insight’s business management to harness the power of HPC in the cloud while maintaining compliance and control.

“Rescale gives us compliance, control and economic visibility with the best of the cloud, allowing us to work quickly, efficiently and in parallel with each other,” said Bissell Smith, CIO & EVP at Aerion Supersonic. “Cloud computing is a fundamental part of Aerion’s long-term strategy. If compliance isn’t met, the consequences for the company, employees, and even the country can be severe, so we take it very seriously.”

Unprecedented Transparency and Control to Run HPC as a Business Service
By exposing project-level usage data and mapping them to business initiatives, Rescale Insight enables engineers or scientists to securely use the resources they need, while helping CxOs meet enterprise-wide IT financial, compliance and security policies.
Rescale Insight includes the following features:

  • Financial controls – Enables budget monitoring, alerting, and enforcement, helping to give business leaders visibility into the value and impact of HPC jobs.
  • Security and access controls – Provides granular controls over users, access, software versions and workflows to meet compliance and security requirements.
  • Multi-team controls – Enables secure and shared workspaces for better engineering collaboration inside and between companies.
  • Software and software license controls – Enables IT teams to manage their application portfolios to ensure projects efficiently use the right license at the right time.
  • Infrastructure architecture controls – Defines enterprise policies on which architectures can be used by which teams to maximize cost/performance or simulation throughput.

“As customers move HPC workloads to the cloud, and the cloud is managed by CxOs, it exposes the need for mainstream security, architectural, and financial controls,” said Edward Hsu, VP Product at Rescale. “Rescale Insight helps our customers enforce enterprise IT controls while empowering engineering teams with the cloud’s scale and latest architectures to accelerate new product innovations.”

Industry’s First AI Engine Matches Business Need to Best Cloud Infrastructure
Rescale also announced the Technology Preview of the industry’s first HPC application-aware AI engine to match compute workloads to the best available infrastructure and configuration. By mapping business objectives to data gathered running HPC workloads and performance benchmarks in the cloud for over eight years, this AI engine eliminates time spent tuning and testing hardware, so end-users can focus on running workloads that accelerate new product innovations.

“Hybrid and multi-cloud are built into Rescale’s architecture,” said Adam McKenzie, CTO at Rescale. “More than half of our customers are running workloads on two or more cloud providers, taking advantage of the best each cloud provider has to offer and complementing on-premise capabilities without adding complexity to their workflows.”

About Rescale:
Rescale is the leader in enterprise big compute in the cloud. Rescale empowers the world’s transformative executives, IT leaders, engineers, and scientists to securely manage product innovation to be first to market. Rescale’s multi-cloud platform, built on the most powerful high-performance computing infrastructure, seamlessly matches software applications with the best cloud or on-premise architecture to run complex data processing and simulations. For more information on Rescale, visit
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