Digital Engineering COLLABORATION

Connected Simulation Collaboration and
Data Sharing

Connect distributed teams and value-chain partners to collaborate on modern product R&D. Unify silos of analysis across the organization with shared access and context on computing and data resources. Improve data quality and process efficiency in complex multidisciplinary projects by collaborating directly on product models.


Shared Simulation Resources for Team-Wide Access

Collaborate directly on simulation models with shared resources like compute jobs, interactive workstations, and files. Eliminate ad-hoc sharing of resources with streamlined, policy-based access for the entire team.


Capture Simulation Insights for
Building Shared Context

Share context, intent and outcomes for accelerated handoffs and product decisions. Administer workspaces with templated custom fields for governed simulation data. Filter and search tagged data for improved discoverability of simulation data.

Efficient Team Communication

Real-Time Collaboration
Directly on Product Models

Comments and notifications for collaborating directly on simulations. Seek feedback, add additional context, and record decisions. Pin important comments, mention team members, and link to other simulation jobs for seamless knowledge sharing.

JOB and Workstation Templates

Share Best Practices for
Efficient Collaboration

Accelerate repetitive workflows and best practices with templates for jobs and workstations. Set policy-driven automations across workspaces and projects to increase R&D productivity, streamline onboarding of new users, and improve overall process efficiency.


Unify and Share Data
Across Storage Technologies

Connect disparate data sources to provide uniform data access to collaborating teams and value chain partners. From simulation input/output files to open-source data sets for model training, engineers and scientists can synchronize and organize project files seamlessly.

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