Rescale announces Metadata Management to help engineering teams surface new insights

Metadata MAnagement

Capture Valuable Simulation Insights

Rescale Metadata Management delivers a seamless, flexible and automated framework for engineering knowledge management so that enterprise simulation data is highly leveraged for collaborative product design, traceable decisions, and policy driven governance.

Simulation Data Framework for Modern Engineering Teams


Engineer-centric experience with turnkey implementation and intuitive collaboration


Broad compatibility to work with any simulation applications, PLM systems and data frameworks


Continuous and consistent metadata capture of insights on all simulation activities and users

Resource Tags

Flexible Categorization

Effortlessly categorize and organize simulation jobs, workstations, and files with custom tags. Simplify search, filter, and grouping of resources.

Admin-Enforced fields

Streamlined Data Capture

Enable admins to create and deploy simple forms with custom fields for a variety of field types. Enforce process compliance, enhance traceability, and improve data quality.

Model-Based Collaboration

Up To Date Data
for Multidisciplinary Teams

Ensure collaborative product design across multidisciplinary teams with streamlined simulation data capture, unified visibility of key performance measures, and programmatic data extraction for improved speed and accuracy.

Simulation Traceability

Traceable Data and Decisions

Perform real-time documentation of decisions with comments and notifications. Link simulation jobs with in-line references to other simulation jobs. Search and find simulation context, inputs, and findings when needed.

Simulation Data Governance

Improved Quality
of Simulation Insights

Ensure data consistency and quality of insights with policy driven governance, analytics and simulation templates. Programmatically synchronize with your source of truth by connecting to PLM and SPDM systems.

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