Add Custom Fields To Your Jobs

Resource Tagging is currently in Private Beta. To access this feature, please contact your Rescale representative.

Custom fields in Rescale allow administrators to define custom fields for jobs. This feature enables greater flexibility in data capture and job management, allowing users to input job-specific information in a structured manner.

This can be especially helpful for capturing information that relates to a job, such as system components, development status, study reports, and key parameters.

Use Cases

Custom Fields can facilitate various processes and use cases, including:

  • Governance: Admins can enforce structured data capture for every job, ensuring standards and consistency in data.
  • Data Analysis: Structured data captured through custom fields enables in-depth analysis to derive insights and drive improvements.
  • Reporting: Exporting job data, including custom fields, allows for comprehensive reports and visualizations.


What is the difference between tagging & fields?

Resource Tagging & Fields is designed to efficiently organize, find, and share data and simulations, transforming the way you collaborate, enhance product quality, and unlock insights from your data.

  • Tags allow the addition of unstructured metadata (text strings) in order to simplify the search and organization of data.
  • Fields allow structured data (key-value pairs) that may be required (or optional) and can be of various data types such as numeric, text, dropdown, and date in order to capture data and enforce governance.