Cloud File System Enhancements – AWS FSx for Lustre, Back-up & Recovery

Rescale Cloud File System (CFS) provides parallel file system management for automated administration, secure collaboration, and unified file access across teams and projects. 

CFS, currently available in Beta release, now offers the following enhancements:

  • AWS FSx for Lustre Support – Choose between multiple Lustre-based cloud file system services including AWS FSx for Lustre for greater flexibility of file system services. 
  • Backup and Recovery – Create new CFS instances with the same files, hierarchy structure, and permissions from previous instances. This enables backup and recovery with automatic backups every one to two hours. Available for AWS and Azure-based file systems on Rescale. 

CFS provides an alternative to High Performance Storage devices for greater performance, collaboration, and, in many cases, greater cost-efficiency. For more information, visit the CFS product page and customers can reach out to their Rescale account teams to become a Beta customer.