Software Publisher Enhancements – Multi-Cloud, Hardware Configuration, and Linux OS

Rescale Software Publisher, which provides customers an easy and integrated way to self-publish their own software on the Rescale platform, now offers the following new features (currently in Beta)::

  1. Azure Support – Software published by customers can now be selected and run for jobs in all supported Azure regions.  This provides customers with the ability to make their own software easily accessible across multiple Cloud Service Providers for HPC workloads orchestrated by Rescale.
  2. Flexible Hardware Publishing Options – Users can now select from a wide variety of different Rescale Coretypes when starting a new publishing session.   This is helpful for software that requires specific hardware architecture types or core count configurations when building and testing software prior to publishing.
  3. Updated Linux OS Distributions – Rescale now offers updated Linux OS machine images for testing and running published software.  These free tier offerings of Linux 8 include Rocky Linux and Alma Linux.

With these new features, Rescale adds additional capabilities and flexibility to bring any custom and open-source software to Rescale’s HPC cloud platform, and leverage all of the advantages that HPC cloud computing offers. 

Customers who have interest in being a beta participant can learn more about Rescale Software Publisher by visiting our online documentation center.