Software Publisher Enhancements – New Sandbox Administration Features

Rescale Software Publisher, which provides customers an easy and integrated way to self-publish their own software on the Rescale platform, now offers the following new features for improved sandbox administration (currently in Beta):

  1. File Upload – Additional files can now be uploaded from the UI for active sandboxes (e.g. software test files).
  2. Extend Wall Time Limit – Users can now extend the wall time of active sandboxes if additional time is needed to complete the publishing process.
  3. Cancel a Sandbox – An active sandbox can now be canceled at any time instead of waiting for the wall time to expire.
  4. Central Sandbox View – All active sandboxes within a workspace can now be viewed from a new list page accessed on the Software Publisher default page.
  5. New Administration Page – Sandbox administration features are now located on a new Administration page for easy access (see image below).

With these new features, it is now easier and more flexible to manage active sandboxes as part of the self-publishing process.

With Rescale Software Publisher, customers can bring any custom and open-source software to Rescale’s HPC cloud platform, and leverage all of the advantages that HPC cloud computing offers. Customers who have interest in being a beta participant can learn more about Rescale Software Publisher by visiting our online documentation center.