Arrival Drives Modern Sustainable Product Development on Rescale

Rethinking an Entire Industry From the Ground Up

Arrival set out to shift the automotive industry to more sustainable products and services,
but doing so from the ground up required a unique approach. The company formed a team
of specialized engineers within Rapid Engineering Design called RED-CAT to apply a broad
set of simulation techniques to find new ways to build more robust vehicles and optimize the
overall engineering process. To meet their complex computational needs, RED-CAT utilized
the Rescale platform to optimize and accelerate their engineering workflows.

A Solution for Modern, Data-Driven Product Development

Completely overhauling how vehicles are developed requires validating numerous combinations of materials, designs, and processes. Critical product simulations related to safety, durability, and aero-thermal require enormous data sets and compute capacity. Arrival looked to cloud for operational agility, increased collaboration, and financial flexibility but standing up advanced workflows and navigating infrastructure in the cloud posed new challenges.

To accelerate bringing a best-in-class vehicle to market, Arrival chose Rescale to achieve speed, efficiency, and reliability in their high performance computing (HPC) operations. RED-CAT needed an HPC simulation process that could be easily learned and quickly implemented by new engineers. Rescale platform intelligence gave the team the data to select the most cost-performant hardware across multiple leading cloud service providers for each specific simulation application like LS-Dyna, STAR-CCM+, and OptiStruct. For some workloads, Arrival was able to achieve a 400% increase in compute throughput with only
a 30% increase in cost. Additionally, they utilized Rescale’s flexible options for on-demand licensing and integrating their existing cloud storage. Nathan Baker, the Vice President of RED-CAT, said “The Rescale platform has enabled Arrival to meet its rapidly growing computational needs, run higher fidelity models faster, and improve collaboration across the company.”

Unifying R&D Innovation Across the Entire Enterprise

Fast-growing companies like Arrival are using Rescale to deploy highly scalable, manageable,
and reliable HPC across multiple teams and projects. RED-CAT now uses Rescale to optimize
and automate engineering workflows across several products including Bus, Van, and Car.
As user adoption grows within the organization, the need for collaboration and secure data
sharing demonstrates the value of one unified for enterprise HPC management. Each of
their 40+ end-users has the flexibility they need to access the latest hardware and software,
while managers can easily gain traceability of each project’s spend, user access, progress,
and efficiency. As Arrival prepares to launch new products and micro factories, anyone from
engineers and designers to business and technology leaders have a shared system of record
to enable limitless R&D exploration and innovation.