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Rescale Launches New Help Center for One-Stop Answers to Customer Questions

New portal provides integrated customer support experience to help customers get faster resolution to their questions about technical error messages or other common support issues

Today, Rescale announces the debut of the all-new Rescale Help Center, a one-stop destination where customers can find answers to all their Rescale questions.

The Rescale Help Center includes product documentation, a knowledge base, best practices recommendations, debugging tips, troubleshooting guidance, video tutorials, and other information that can help customers learn the best ways to make the most of the Rescale platform

The Rescale Help Center will now also be the primary method for customers to request assistance from Rescale Support.

To further simplify how customers find answers and request help, access to the Rescale Help Center is built into the Rescale platform. As questions arise for customers while they are using the platform, they simply click the “Help” label in the upper right of the platform interface to go directly to the portal to get answers. There’s no need for additional accounts, usernames, or passwords. Access to the Help Center is based on a customer’s Rescale account.

Accessing the Help Center is easy from the Rescale platform. The Help Center contains knowledge base articles, tutorials, product documentation, best practices tips, and much more information, as well as a link to request Rescale support assistance.

Rescale Help, at Your Fingertips

Rescale created the new Help Center to make it much easier and faster for customers to resolve their questions about technical error messages or other common support issues.

Creating this unified Help Center has been a major objective for Rescale. Previously, Rescale had no shortage of information for customers, but it was scattered on different websites and in different departments, making it difficult for customers to easily find all the information they needed.

“We’ve revamped the entire support experience,” says Wenbo Du, Rescale’s director of global support. “We have tons of docs. But they resided in different places, and they weren’t consistent in quality or formatting. We consolidated all the different information we have and now it is tightly integrated in one, easy-to-access place.”

The inspiration and guidance for building the Help Center was based on feedback from our customers through surveys and daily interactions. The Rescale support team also tracks the kinds of support tickets it receives. The information in the Help Center addresses those common questions.

“The interactions between software, hardware, networking, and data storage in computational engineering and science is complex, and there are technical challenges at all levels of the technology stack,” says Matt McKee, Rescale’s chief operating officer. “Our customers needed us to do more to help them, so that became our top priority. And the new Rescale Help Center is the result of a year-long effort to bring a whole new support experience to our customers. It’s all about helping our customers get better answers, faster, so they can be as successful as possible with our platform.”

Critically, the Help Center’s knowledge base aims to go beyond basic product documentation by providing real-world examples of how to use specific features or capabilities through video demos and written tips.

The Help Center will also provide a rich source of content such as tutorials to educate customers on using the Rescale platform, helping them avoid technical issues in the first place. This will also free up Rescale support agents to focus on the most challenging issues for our customers.

Finally, the new support portal will provide ongoing updates about new features and capabilities, helping customers explore other ways to use the Rescale platform to improve how they manage high performance computing for their R&D teams.

And, of course, customers can also easily submit a support ticket in the portal to get direct assistance from a Rescale support agent. Customers will still be able to create a support request by emailing However, using the form in the Help Center is recommended.

Continually Building Knowledge for Our Customers

The Rescale support team has built up the Help Center’s knowledge base over the past year and has an ongoing plan to continually expand it with new content. As support engineers discover new solutions to unfamiliar problems, they will document these solutions to allow future customers to benefit from this new information.

Critical to the success of the Rescale Help Center will be ongoing feedback from customers. If a customer can’t find what they are looking for in the Help Center or they have an idea for how the portal can be improved, they are encouraged to share their suggestions with Rescale by creating a new support ticket. Customers are also encouraged to provide feedback about the Help Center through any preferred channel, including with their account executive or customer success representative.

“It is still early days and there are many more articles, tutorials, and other content we want to continually add to the knowledge base,” Du says. “Over time, we are looking to provide information and answers to most any question our customers might have. We are excited about how the new Rescale Help Center will make it even easier for our customers to get the most value from our platform.”

Rescale customers can visit the new Help Center via the link in the platform interface
or go direct to:


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