Why I Joined Rescale

Navin Bagga, Solutions Architect EMEA Region
Navin Bagga, Solutions Architect EMEA

Tell Us About Your Background?

As I come close to the tail-end of my second decade working in the Information Technology space, I believe I have been lucky to have experienced quite a variety of roles. These have ranged from working in data-centers, to consulting on core Microsoft infrastructure solutions, to Pre-Sales in the enterprise software space. I hold a Master’s degree in HPC and my dissertation was based on investigating Monte Carlo methods on Quantum computers, whilst the subject was still widely unknown. As you can tell from my career track so far, I enjoy variety in my work, picking something interesting every few years, becoming productive in it and then going on to find a new challenge altogether. Rescale will be my second start-up experience and a third company I join in a rapid or a hyper-growth mode.

What Interested You in Rescale?

With my background in Workplace Transformation projects, HPC and Pre-Sales, it was a no brainer. Rescale is where I can bring all my past experience and academic knowledge together and develop a whole new projection to my career. If the pandemic has ensured one thing, it is providing us ample time to reflect on our work lives and making meaningful impact with the work we do in the society. The mission of Rescale, which is to empower anyone to accelerate innovation resonated massively with me. We live in an era where our lives have been entirely entangled with technology but still the scientific advancements such as flying cars or nuclear fusion reactors for home use have remained slow to progress, as if it’s a sci-fi future. Listening to Joris Poort’s talk on Big Compute, sealed the deal for me as to what I want to take up as my next challenge. Then, Rescale has some of the most interesting people investors like Sir Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, Peter Thiel, amongst the massively impressive list of major vendors such as Microsoft and Nvidia. The company today, has found its feet and offers the most mature cloud tailored to the HPC space.

What have you made of the technology in your first few weeks?

In the few days I have been at Rescale, I have already spoken to the engineers from one of the most recognized Italian car brand in the world, top notch F1 racing teams, and a startups that are changing the way cars of the future will be safer and more sustainable. Rescale technology has matured greatly to solve a number of problems faced by the most innovative organizations in the world today who have historically been underserved by the cloud. In my view, this is where we were about 10 years ago in the Enterprise IT space, afraid of the cloud and everything it brings along. Now, HPC can benefit from the same models and better yet with a provider who plays nicely with pretty much every HPC vendor out there. 

Share a bit about your Onboarding experience?

Rescale onboarding has to be one of the fastest I have been through. It can be a bit overwhelming at the start but it nurtures you on the principle of ‘If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing it fast!’ The team works on Rescale’s GRIT values that keep everyone to a high standard (G – Growth Mindset gets to Great; R – Run fast, own the outcome; I – Iterate to Innovate and T – Team over self).  So, I ‘amped up’ and managed well to align to the expectations. The support is there to help you achieve early outcomes which are very important to establish yourself in your new role. I already closed some business with my manager’s support in the first few weeks. 

What Do You Think of Rescale’s Role in Digital Transformation?

This is a massively important note for CIOs; as in my experience, most organizations want to entertain vendors that can reap the most value by leveraging existing investments an organization has already made. The cloud trend in the HPC world is now being pursued by most of the ISVs and Rescale ties it all together with its unique partnerships with cloud service providers such as Microsoft, Azure, Google and Oracle. The Rescale fabric solves most of the upfront challenges that exist in such workplace transformation initiatives: Applications, security, data and the management plane, designed for the leading scientists, engineers, and researchers.

Rescale truly lives up to its mission of ‘Accelerating Engineering Breakthroughs’. I had an opportunity to meet the entire EMEA team in person, a first one for me since the pandemic started. Rescale is a remote-first workplace with ample opportunities to see colleagues regularly. We discussed many innovative subjects arising from the use of HPC for engineering applications. Of particular interest was hearing Rescale’s COO Matt Mckee’s account of Rescale’s work with eVTOL organizations that Rescale is currently working with. Vertical Aerospace, who are building Urban electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) taxis, invest heavily in engineering talent and digital capabilities that can give them a competitive edge. The team takes advantage of Rescale’s simulation and high performance computing (HPC) fabric to improve their vehicles’ aerodynamics, battery performance, and rotor drivetrain efficiency. Can’t wait to see one of these in action soon!

Tell Us a ‘Fun Fact’ About Yourself

There are many I can think of but the most recent fun fact is being able to cook an entire breakfast, lunch and dinner only using a microwave as I am currently putting up with some renovations at my home!

Want to Learn More About Rescale?

Currently Rescale is in rapid growth and hiring across all departments and regions. For more information please check out our Rescale Careers Page

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