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Making a Difference: Wenbo Du’s Journey at Rescale

It isn’t easy to find the “perfect job.” But as Wenbo Du explains, Rescale provides the opportunity to be your best self while helping invent the future

Throughout the course of our careers, most of us seek “the perfect job” — one that doesn’t just pay the bills but also makes us feel satisfied and happy. There are many factors to consider, both practical and psychological. And often we aren’t sure what we are looking for exactly, but when we find it, we know. This has been my experience at Rescale.

The Journey to Rescale

Before joining Rescale in 2020, I studied aerospace engineering in college with a focus on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis and other kinds of simulations. After my schooling, I worked at a national lab and at a university.

Then I took a role at Siemens as a CFD application support engineer. It was during my time at Siemens when I became familiar with Rescale. I had some customers that were already running their CFD jobs on the Rescale platform. They told me how much they depended on it to access the computing resources necessary for carrying out their larger simulations.

From what my customers were telling me, I was immediately impressed with the platform’s capabilities. The more I learned about Rescale, the more I understood its potential. When the opportunity came to join Rescale in 2020, I decided to make the jump.

I initially started as a support engineer, and now I serve as director of our global support team.My experience at Rescale has been nothing short of amazing. At Rescale, I believe that we’re not just a company that provides a management platform for high performance computing (HPC), but we’re a company that is making a tangible difference in the world. Our customers are leaders in their industries and at the forefront of innovation. I feel lucky to be in the middle of it.

The Difference Between a Good Job and Making a Difference

Before I say more about why I enjoy working at Rescale, it is important to note that there were many enjoyable aspects to my previous jobs. I have a lot of positive memories from those experiences. My co-workers were great, my work was interesting, and I was able to apply my skills and talents in meaningful ways. The organizations I worked for developed important products, and my compensation and work-life balance were all “good enough.”

But after being in these roles for a while, I realized something was missing. At the time, I wasn’t sure what that was. I just knew I needed a change, and that led me to Rescale.

With the benefit of time and hindsight, I now know what was missing. At these very large organizations that I had been working in, I was running into limits on my personal and professional growth due to the constraints of my role and how those organizations were structured.

Most importantly, I wanted more opportunities to make a real difference. In the end, I believe we all need a sense of purpose and a sense of accomplishment to drive us to do our best. You can’t underestimate the need to feel important and valued, which is how I feel at Rescale. For me, this is the place to become the best version of yourself.

Mission-Based Business

Rescale’s mission is to empower innovators to do what they do best, helping them make scientific and technological breakthroughs that improve society. It does this by offering a scalable, secure, and flexible platform that powers complex simulations, data analysis, and other compute-intensive tasks. And it’s designed to be easy to use, even for people who are not experts in HPC.

Rescale’s platform is also designed to be flexible, which means that it can be customized to meet the needs of different industries and use cases. For example, Rescale’s platform can run simulations for aerospace companies, where HPC is essential for designing and testing new aircraft. Rescale’s platform is also popular in the automotive industry, where it powers digital testing to improve vehicle safety. For life sciences, Rescale’s platform helps analyze genomic data and perform other compute-intensive tasks that lead to life-saving medicines.

Rescale is not a technology fad or a gimmick. Rescale is at the forefront of innovation in computing, and it is a place where people can make a difference. Rescale is not just trying to do something that someone else already does. We’re inventing the future, and I’m very proud to be a part of that.

I’m not only happy and satisfied to be working at Rescale because it’s a place where I can make a difference in the world, but it’s a place where I can grow and learn. I’ve been able to take on new projects and learn new things. It’s been challenging at times, but it’s been worth it.

As I look back, I’m proud of how much I’ve learned and grown, and I’m proud that I’m able to make a difference. I feel I have a sense of purpose.

If you’re looking for a place where you can make a difference and help invent the future, consider Rescale. We’re empowering innovators to build a better world. Join Rescale, and help us build a better world together.

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  • Wenbo Du

    Wenbo Du is Rescale’s director of global support. Previously, he worked as a computational fluid dynamics application engineer for Siemens Digital Industries Software. He also served as a research engineer at the Illinois Applied Research Institute and the Idaho National Laboratory. He holds a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering.

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