TEN TECH LLC Runs High-Fidelity CFD Models On Rescale’s Cloud


TEN TECH LLC is a company making waves in the sector of mechanical engineering analyses. As an ITAR certified company, TEN TECH LLC frequently services the highly confidential and secure sector of military and government organizations. Using Rescale’s industry-leading security environment, TEN TECH LLC utilizes the instant scalability and reliability of Rescale’s cloud platform to run analyses.

Customer Challenge

When the need arises for TEN TECH LLC engineers to run models for their military and defense contractors, they require a flexible yet highly secure platform. National and international clients and deadlines mean that they need access to extensive compute resources with the capability of handling large CFD and FEA simulations.

A public model TEN TECH LLC recently ran was an analysis studying the effects of hurricane-force winds on large telescope arrays, including stress, deflection, and aero-elasticity. With their local server used for other projects, TEN TECH LLC needed an immediate solution capable of handling their compute-intensive project quickly.

TEN TECH LLC used Rescale’s cloud simulation platform to run a transient fluid-structure interaction analysis using XFlow. TEN TECH LLC used on-demand XFlow software licenses to run 32 cores HPC+ hardware on Rescale’s platform.

Benefits / Results Achieved

Using Rescale, TEN TECH LLC:

  • Instantly accessed over 1TB SSD disk storage using a high performance hardware configuration
  • Used on-demand XFlow software licenses to achieve the desired software setup
  • Achieved a runtime reduction of over 90% compared to running on internal hardware
  • Ran higher-fidelity models to gain invaluable design insights and understanding

Simulation Solution

Using Rescale, TEN TECH LLC is able to set up highly complex and confidential models using on-demand software and custom hardware configurations:

  • Latest high performance computing hardware provides crucial runtime gains
  • Securely access ITAR-compliant cloud HPC platform for military and defense simulations
  • On-demand hardware provides financial flexibility regardless of project or simulation size
  • Run simulations in parallel without exhausting internal hardware and software resources
  • End-to-end data encryption and private, isolated clusters ensure the highest level of job security


TEN TECH LLC used Rescale’s simulation-optimized cloud platform to execute XFlow analyses. The quick simulation outcome yielded results showing that the large telescope array could sustain high wind loads and that vortex shedding was not a concern. TEN TECH LLC achieved significant cost and time savings while gaining valuable design insights.

“Thanks to Rescale’s HPC cloud platform, we are now able to run very complex multi-physics analysis with unprecedented high fidelity models. What takes several hours on Rescale’s cluster would take a week on our workgroup analysis server.”
-William Villers, TEN TECH LLC Director of Engineering