Rescale AWS Life Sciences Competency Status
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Rescale Achieves AWS Life Sciences Competency

Rescale helps life sciences organizations drive digital modernization by accelerating their adoption of cloud HPC and AI/ML technologies

It’s been a big year for Rescale and AWS. So far we’ve achieved the AWS Manufacturing & Industrial Competency and the AWS Government Competency partner statuses. 

Today, we’re excited to announce that we have achieved the AWS Life Sciences Competency partner status. As with other AWS competencies, Rescale has met AWS’s rigorous requirements for demonstrated experience in delivering HPC services for life sciences customers. This competency differentiates Rescale as an AWS Partner Network (APN) member with the essential skills and capabilities to help AWS life sciences customers accelerate their innovation efforts.  

“We’re in an era of unprecedented potential for the life sciences sector to drive breakthroughs that improve lives,” says Ethan Rasa, vice president of technology alliances at Rescale. “We’re excited to collaborate more closely with AWS through this competency and help our mutual life sciences customers innovate faster by accelerating cloud adoption and the digital transformation of their R&D programs.”  

Our AWS competencies further expand our recognized expertise in digital R&D across industries, technologies, and domains. Our high performance computing (HPC) platform helps our customers move their product development processes to the cloud and automate their research, design, engineering, and testing.

Life Sciences Challenge: Accelerate Innovation and Lower Costs

Drug discovery is incredibly expensive and risky for biopharmaceutical companies. According to a recent study by Deloitte, the average cost of developing a new drug was $2.3 billion in 2022. Projected returns on investment (ROI) for biopharmaceutical research and product development has fallen to the lowest levels since Deloitte started tracking the data 13 years ago. 

Given these challenges, computational capabilities are critical to helping life sciences organizations work more efficiently and find answers faster. It is essential that drug companies bring new therapies to market more cost-effectively.

Cloud computing on Rescale can accelerate computational science efforts by providing supercomputing infrastructure and R&D software on-demand, letting scientists and researchers move quickly without computational constraints typical of on-premises HPC.

Rescale Removes the Complexities of HPC Cloud Migration

HPC in the cloud offers unique challenges for many life sciences companies. The leading biopharmaceutical companies have highly complex software application-to-hardware technology stacks that can include hundreds of unique open source and commercial simulation applications operating on massive HPC clusters. 

Often, the clusters lack the flexibility to scale for peak demand or support multiple, specialized hardware and software configurations. Cloud migration for life sciences companies can be complicated, multi-year projects. Rescale solves these challenges.

The Rescale platform makes it incredibly easy for computational scientists and engineers working on computer-aided drug design (CADD), high-throughput screening, AI-based drug discovery, and medical device development to innovate with workflows like molecular dynamics, bioinformatics, genomic sequencing, crystallization, protein folding, quantum chemistry, and computational fluid dynamics

“We ran a few thousand test simulations and then scaled up to millions of test simulations running on Rescale,” says Mike Gahan, senior data scientist at Metabiota. “With the Rescale platform, we were able to integrate proprietary code bases seamlessly, quickly identify errors within the scaling code, track each error down, and correct each error more quickly than we were able to do it with our in-house tools.”

The Rescale platform hosts more than a thousand applications ready to use, on-demand. It’s comprehensive R&D application portfolio includes software optimized for life sciences HPC and AI applications such as GROMACS, NAMD, LAMMPS. Rescale also offers the NVIDIA GPU Catalog, a curated set of free and open-source GPU-optimized software for AI, HPC and visualization.

The Rescale platform also supports hundreds of the latest computing architectures available on Amazon EC2 instances powered by AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, and the latest Arm-based AWS Graviton3E chips. 

We’re honored that AWS recognizes Rescale’s experience and deep expertise in digital R&D for life sciences organizations. With Rescale, biopharma companies can accelerate their R&D while automating, streamlining and, and lower the costs to research and develop new drugs and bio-medical innovations.

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  • Kevin Cangemi

    Kevin Cangemi is a Principal on the Strategic Partnerships & Alliances team at Rescale. He leads strategic new ecosystem development programs like AI/ML for R&D at Rescale, and he manages strategic technology and go-to-market partnerships across Rescale's Independent Software Vendor, Cloud Service Providers, and Semiconductor partner ecosystems. Prior to joining Rescale, Kevin led business development, M&A, corporate strategy, and strategic finance for ecommerce companies. Kevin earned an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.

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