Platform Settings

General Settings

Administrators can require jobs to be assigned to a project.

General Settings Project

Note that if this option is enabled, some members may not be able to submit jobs until they are assigned to a group and a budget is assigned to that group.

Administrators can manage whether the members should be shown billing information on the platform. If this option is turned ON , members will see core prices in the hardware settings page of a job setup. Members will also be able to view their monthly billing summaries on their account page.

Select Project

Job Settings

The job settings allow the admin to set a default maximum job run duration in Hours, for all users on the platform.

Job Settings

When a user is setting up a job on Rescale, they can set the Maximum Job Duration (Hours) on the Hardware Settings page for a job as shown below. The cluster will be shutdown after the number of hours specified in this field.

Max Job Duration

When the Admin sets a default duration, all jobs will default to that specified duration. Note that user will still be able to change this setting on the job.
The Admin setting is most useful when the user leaves the Maximum Job Duration (Hours) field blank on the job Hardware Settings page. In this scenario, the job will continue to run, until it is shut down manually. The admin setting prevents this from happening and defaults to the maximum job duration specified by the Admin.

File Settings

Administrators can configure the lifetime of files for all users on the platform.

File Archive Settings

If the Move all files option is turned ON, all files uploaded to Rescale as input or output files will automatically be archived (trashed) after the specified number of days. Archived files continue to incur storage charges and can be recovered if necessary. This setting is OFF by default.

File Delete Settings

If Permanently delete files option is turned ON, all archived files will automatically be deleted after the specified number of days. These files will be permanently deleted and are not recoverable. By default, this option is ON and has a default value of 1 day.

Links to Region specific Platform Settings

In the event that you require access to a specific regional Platform, the following table contains links to the settings page for each of the region specific platforms.

Platform RegionDashboard link
United StatesUS Settings
European UnionEU Settings
JapanJP Settings
South KoreaKR Settings