Members, Groups, and Projects

The ScaleX Enterprise Portal provides resources for administrators to manage and organize their members.

The general concept of Members, Groups and Projects is:

  • Members are assigned to Groups
  • Groups are assigned to Projects
  • Budgets are assigned to Projects
  • Budget limits can also be set per Member
  • Projects contain jobs

Links to Region Specific Team Management pages

Platform RegionTeam Management link
United StatesUS Team Management
European UnionEU Team Management
JapanJP Team Management
South KoreaKR Team Management

Team Management Example

Let’s assume that a company has two departments – Engineering and Research. Engineering team has 12 Members and Research team has 6 Members. 6 Members of the Engineering team are working on a project, Project A. This project has a set budget amount. Similarly, 6 Members of Engineering team and 6 Members of Research team are working together on Project B, which has a set budget amount. Figure below shows that organization flow chart.

Team Management

In this case, the Company Admin must do the following on the Rescale Company Admin page:

The Admin needs to create three Groups

  • Group 1 with 6 Members of the Engineering team that are currently not working on Project A or Project B
  • Group 2 with 6 Members of the Engineering team that are working on Project B
  • Group 3 with 6 Members of the Research team that are working on Project A and Project B
Groups 1
Groups 2

Create Project A

  • Assign Group 3 to Project A
  • Create Budget 1
  • Assign Budget 1 to Project A
Project A
Budget 1

Create Project B

  • Assign Group 2 and Group 3 to Project B
  • Create Budget 2
  • Assign Budget 2 to Project A
  • Allow autosharing option so that all members assigned to Project B can see jobs run under this Project
Project B
Budget 2