Best Practices FAQ

This page provides important information regarding the use of the Rescale platform.

The following recommendations are intended to assist you in streamlining your work flow, determining success criteria, and identifying errors. Please note that some of the recommendations provided here are more relevant to CFD/CAE work flows than other applications.

Submitting a Job

Inputs1. Appropriately name your job
2. When uploading large quantities of data utilize Chrome with Enhanced Transfer
3. Compress multiple files and files of large size
4. Ensure the inclusion of all dependent files
Software Settings1. Select the relevant version of the Software desired
2. Input the relevant command for the chosen software and simulation architecture
3. Include FLAGS for Checkpointing
4. Validate Command box ON, ensures the command is accurate before starting the cluster
Hardware Settings1. Choose Hardware for your Simulation
2. Set appropriate Maximum Job Duration to avoid overrunning your job
3. Before submission, ensure that the Hardware Summary matches your desired performance and review the Hourly Price Summary

Post Job Submission