Audit Logs

What audit logs are available for customers?

Rescale offers event audit logs and transfer logs. Each log type is guaranteed to have the following events recorded. Any activity not listed below is not currently supported and will/may not show up on the logs.

Event Audit Logs

  • Invitation sent to new org/workspace users
  • User registered
  • User successful/failed login attempt
  • User deactivated/reactivated
  • User API token created
  • User promoted to org/workspace admin
  • SSO username already exists
  • SSO key missing from the response
  • Job deleted by org/workspace user
  • Job shared/unshared by org/workspace user
  • Job shutdown by Rescale administrator
  • Budget created/modified/deleted
  • File retention policy created
  • Group added/removed from a project
  • User added/removed from a group

Transfer Logs

  • File upload (file name, size, IP, user email, client)
  • File download (file name, size, IP, user email, client)

Who has access to audit logs?

For organizations with an edition allowing access to audit logs, both Organization Admins and Workspace Admins should be able to view and filter the audit logs.

Where do I find audit logs?

Audit logs are accessible under the organization and the workspace admin portals through the Security tab.

Can a customer access logs programmatically?

We do not currently support any form of ingesting event or transfer audit log data except through the UI.

We do not currently support any API endpoints for customer usage besides those listed in Any undocumented endpoint can and will be modified/moved without notice. We guarantee stability and maintenance for every publicly documented endpoint.