ANSYS Fluent Batch Examples

In this section, we present several ANSYS Fluent batch examples.

ANSYS Fluent T-Junction Mixing Example

This is a simple model of a t-junction with a hot water and cold water inlet, with mixing and calculation of temperature at the outlet. This example has been configured to output a graph of the residual plot every iteration.

Tjunction Temperature Profile

Simulation CodeANSYS Fluent 2019R1
Analysis TypeCFD
DescriptionA CFD analysis of mixing hot and cold water through a t-junction pipe
Suggested HardwareEmerald / 4 cores
fluent 3ddp -gu -ssh -cnf=$FLUENT_HOSTS -t$RESCALE_CORES_PER_SLOT -i run_plot.jou
Estimated Run Time4 minutes
Previous versionsImport Job Setup v19.0
Import Job Setup v18.0