License Queuing


License queuing allows a user’s job to be queued until the license features and token/seat count required by that job are available from the requested license server. This feature is available to all Rescale users.

Benefits of license queuing include: 

  • Reducing job failure due to license unavailability.
  • Simplifying job configuration with configurable license queuing controls.
  • A predefined formula for selected software to simplify calculating license feature usage.

Using License Queuing

License queueing is part of job execution logic and can work with a Rescale-hosted license or a company license proxy, with or without a VPN. Users will configure the licensing feature tokens required when configuring a job and the Rescale platform will automatically try to obtain the license tokens before executing the job, or will automatically retry if the required numbers of licenses are not available.

Usage Guidelines 

When using license queuing, keep in mind the following guidelines for successful usage:

  • License queuing does not work for customers with a VPN but no company license proxy. 
  • License queuing is not recommended for use with Design of Experiments (DOE) jobs.
  • If a license feature is not available on the license server, the job will continue to run.

Learn More

  • See the Running a Basic Job topic to learn how to configure your jobs.
  • See the License Hosting topic to learn how to use Rescale to securely self-host software licenses that can then be accessed by jobs running in the cloud, as well as on-premises clusters.
  • See the License Proxy topic to learn how to connect an existing on-premises license server to Rescale.