Please note that this feature is only available for ScaleX® Enterprise customers, please contact your organization’s Solutions Architect or Account Executive to enable access.

Workspaces allow you to create dedicated teams within your organization and apply custom platform policies, curate unique hardware and software portfolios, and maintain isolated billing and invoicing for each team, all while adhering to enterprise-wide policies. With workspaces you can delegate administration to each team in order to allow them to manage their own user groups, projects, and resources while collaborating within shared guidelines to help them work seamlessly and efficiently.

Creating multiple workspaces can be useful for accommodating the management needs of organizations with multiple business units, organizations with multinational teams, and organizations with large mostly independent functional teams.


Managing Workspaces

By default, every organization created on the Rescale platform has a single workspace for the organization. This workspace is referred to as the Default Workspace and all members belong to that workspace, assuming no other workspaces have been created.

Creating, updating details for, or deleting a workspace can only be completed by an organization administrator through the Administration Portal > Teams > Workspaces page.

Creating a Workspace

An organization administrator can create new workspaces by navigating to the Workspaces page, and clicking on the “New Workspace“ button as shown below.

New Workspace

The new workspace will require a unique name, with an optional description field. Once created the workspace will be assigned a unique workspace ID.

Updating a Workspace

From the Workspaces page, navigate to the specific workspace in question. Both the workspace name and the description can be changed. Note that the workspace name must be unique across the organization.

Update Workspace

Deleting a Workspace

From the Workspaces page, navigate to the specific workspace to be deleted. Clicking on the “Delete Workspace” button will prompt the user to confirm deletion.

Once deleted, the workspace, all of its associated users, and their data is irrecoverable.

Administration Portals

Once an additional workspace has been created, the navigation dropdown accessible through the top left corner of the page will contain additional administration portal entries. These entries can be used to navigate between the organization-level and each workspace-level administration portal.

Additionally, while navigating the portals for a multi-workspace organization you can identify which portal you are viewing through the top banner.

Administration Portal Navigation

If you are an organization administrator you will be able to view both the organization-level and all the workspace-level portals. If you are a workspace administrator you will only be able to view the administration portal for the workspaces you are an administrator for.

The possible actions at the organization-level and the workspace-level vary and therefore the pages accessible will depend on the portal being viewed.

Administration Portal Differences

Switching Workspaces

If an organization member is a user in multiple workspaces they can choose which user they would like to act as while using the Rescale platform. This can be done by selecting the active user from the top right navigation dropdown.

Switching Workspaces

Additionally, the top right navigation dropdown will show the administration capabilities granted to each workspace user along with the workspace ID.

Users & Administrators

Adding users to Workspaces

New workspace users can be invited by navigating to the workspace Teams > Members page. After navigating to the Members page under the specific workspace’s administration portal, you can invite the users using their email address as outlined in this guide.

An organization member can be a user in one or multiple workspaces. If you are a user in multiple workspaces you can switch between workspaces once logged in.

Each user has a default workspace, which is the workspace automatically assumed at login. The default workspace is the first workspace the email was invited from. If you are a member of multiple workspaces, and would like to change your default workspace or have trouble logging in please contact

Deleting users from Workspaces

Users can be deleted from Workspaces by navigating to Workspace Admin > Teams > Members > Member > Deactivate Member. Once you click on “Deactivate Member” you will get a drawer that pops up in order to confirm your selection with one of two options:

  1. Deactivate member and transfer files: Once you deactivate and transfer files, this member’s data will be shared with the chosen target user and then the member will be deactivated.
  2. Deactivate member and delete files: Once you deactivate a member, this member’s data will be first archived, and then permanently deleted based on the Workspace file retention period.

Transferred files and jobs ownership will be designated by the owner of the offboarded user. In order to filter for transferred files/jobs, we recommend one of the following options:

  • Jobs
    • select “Shared with me”
    • Select jobs with the owner of the offboarded user
    • Open each Job and download all files
  • Files
    • Select “Shared with me” (apply a date range if necessary)
    • Select the specific files you’d like to download and click “Download selected files as a zipped file”

Transferring files does not support the following items:

  • Ability for the transferred user to reshare files and jobs
  • Ability to transfer Performance Profiles or Workflows

Delegating Administration

A user in a workspace can be either an Organization Admin for the entire organization, or a Workspace Admin for the specific workspace they belong to. Only organization admins can designate other users as organization or workspace admins.

From the organization’s Teams > Members page, you can view all organization users and the workspaces they belong to. Beside each user’s email and workspace combination you can select the checkboxes to designate them as either an organization or a workspace admin.


Users in multiple workspaces can be designated as admins separately for each workspace.

Sharing Across Workspaces

Sharing with users in other workspaces is similar to sharing with users in the same workspace except it requires specifying the workspace ID of the receiving user along with the email. The workspace ID can be obtained from the top right navigation dropdown.


By default only organization or workspace administrators can share jobs or storage devices across workspaces. Sharing across workspaces can also be allowed for all users–not just administrators–by enabling the policy from the organization’s Policies > Platform Settings page under Sharing Settings as shown below.

Sharing Settings

Region Preferences

Workspaces can be used to dedicate co-located compute and storage resources to organization teams in different geographical locations. This helps increase file transfer speeds and minimize latency for visualization workloads.

Workspace region preferences can be set for most locations covered by Rescale’s global infrastructure network. If you are interested in setting a region preference for your workspace please contact your organization’s Account Executive or Solutions Architect.