Organization Security

From the Rescale Organization Admin Portal, navigate to Security. Under Security, you will have a couple of options:

Password Policies

Under Password Policies, you will have the option to select a variety of settings for policy enablement.

Minimum password length: number of characters that a password must exceed.

Minimum password age in days: Number of days a password must be active for before allowed to change the password. This option can harden your security by not allowing a password to be changed within a certain window. (e.g. a password must be active for a minimum of 85 days before the user can change it). Be sure to set a number of days greater than the maximum password age. Please contact your company administrator if you need to change your password.

Automatically expire passwords. Maximum password age in days: Number of days a password will work until expiring. (e.g. a password will expire after 90 days and the user must change this).

Minimum password generations before reuse is allowed: How many times you must use a new password before a password is reused.