After submitting a job on the Rescale platform, an HPC cluster is provisioned according to that job’s hardware settings. It is often necessary to interact with this HPC cluster to interface with the job, monitor progress, and file checkpointing. With the Rescale platform, you are able to interact with a job’s cluster in several ways. The following three methods are recommended for most applications:

  • In-browser SSH– Is a built-in function of the Rescale platform that allows you to directly interface with your running jobs in browser.


  • SSH on Local Workstation – A process involving the connection of a running job cluster to a terminal on your personal workstation.


COMSOL Workstation Client Connect

The articles in this section give instructions on the steps needed to connect to an active job’s HPC cluster. The reference table below holds examples of the items that you will need to connect to your cluster.

Items Important for Cluster ConnectionExample
SSH public key ssh-rsa AAAAB3N....M7Q==user@mylaptop.local
Job-ID xxxxx
Username uprod_xxxxx
IP address/host name###.##.##.###
SSH port (varies with coretype)22 or 32100