Enabling Beta Features from Rescale Labs

Welcome to Rescale Labs, this is where you can find new features that are still in the works. Please note, that there may be bugs – report them to the support team via support@rescale.com.

If you want to enable any of these features, please contact your Rescale representative to learn more.


Enable our next-generation cloud desktop experience. 

Learn more about Workstations in our product documentation.

Workstation Suspension

Allows users to suspend a Workstation, which will power down a compute instance and save all software, configuration settings, and files to the Workstation disk. This functionality is just like powering off your computer. 

Learn more about Workstation Suspension in our product documentation

Prerequisites: Workstations

Performance Profiles

Enables users to run multiple jobs (with different hardware) using a singular workload to benchmark which architecture provides the best workload-specific price versus performance.

Learn more about Performance Profiles in our product documentation.

License Hosting

Customers can use the Rescale platform to securely self-host software licenses that can then be accessed by jobs running in the cloud as well as on-prem clusters.


Launchpad is a Rescale landing page that gives the customer an uncluttered view of the Rescale world. This means quick access to running or recently completed runs (e.g. jobs, workstations)

CoreType Explorer

Allows users to learn about CoreType specifications in order to determine the right hardware for a workload.

Complete List of Rescale Labs Features

You can find a complete list of these features here or embedded below. Click any of the below features for more detail.