Overview of SIEMENS on Rescale


Engineers increasingly need to speed up their product validation process for solving large models or for performing sensitivity analyses over a large number of parameters. To do this with their current infrastructure can be prohibitively time-consuming or computationally intensive.
To overcome this challenge, Siemens Digital Industries Software has partnered with Rescale to offer Simcenter solvers for structural, thermal, flow
analysis and multi-discipline simulation in a cloud environment so users around the globe can now have easier access to the simulation tools they need.

Supported Products

Simcenter Nastran
Siemens STAR-CMM+
Simcenter 3D
Siemens Amesim

Ease of Use

Accessing Simcenter on Rescale is very straightforward and intuitive. The user has to simply login to the Rescale platform using a standard web browser, select the desired hardware configuration, upload the input deck and specify the solver. Input decks may be prepared using Simcenter 3D software, Femap™ software or any other preprocessor that can be used to write Simcenter Nastran or STAR-CCM+ input files. Rescale performs a check on the input parameters and then provisions the cluster for the computation step. During the course of the simulation, users are able to monitor the status of the job in real time and view output files on the platform while the job is running. After the job has been completed, the user downloads the output files to their local machine for postprocessing.

Platform-as-a-service (PaaS)

Also known as bring-your-own-license (BYOL), you purchase a license from Siemens Digital Industries Software Software as you would for a traditional software
license, and then use that license in conjunction with the Simcenter 3D solver that is deployed on the Rescale platform. This lets you leverage you existing investments in Simcenter’s solvers.

As part of the bring-your-own-license model, you use your STAR-CCM+ “Power on Demand” licenses on Rescale. “Power on Demand” lets you access STAR-CCM+ on Rescale by the hour on an unlimited number of cores from any private, public or hybrid cloud. This is ideal for cloud, burst capacity, and infrequent usage and allows you to maximize throughput of large simulations previously not possible due to limited resources.

Siemens Resources

Siemens Digital Industries Software Learning Advantage

Learning Advantage is a powerful, yet easy-to-use learning and performance support platform that provides cost-effective and time-efficient methods for users to gain skills and knowledge of Siemens Digital Industries Software solutions. Learning Advantage provides:

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You can access Siemens Digital Industries Software Learning Advantage for self-paced, online training courses.

More information on Learning Advantage membership is available in the Membership Catalog

Siemens Digital Industries Software Community

Simcenter Digital Industries Software Community features the latest on Siemens Simcenter portfolio, including featured discussion and blog posts for the Digital Industries Software user community.


Knowledge Base

Additional Documentation

Additional Siemens documentation, including tutorials can be found here at Siemens Documentation