Keysight PathWave ADS Cloud Tutorial Using Rescale


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Rescale End-to-End Desktops

End-to-end desktops create a seamless HPC experience on Rescale. End-to-end desktop is a remote desktop user experience, where visualization is added to the head node of your cluster. It provides a user interface for users to interact with the job setup directly from the analysis software.

End-to-end desktops:

  • Allow users to interact with PathWave ADS similar, to your local PC
  • Provides access to larger hardware resources than you may have locally (CPU, additional memory)
  • Includes pre-installed software, giving immediate access to drive PathWave ADS without the hassle of installing and licensing
  • Enable parallel distributed simulation that is already setup and configured, ready to use

Key Notes

  • The Desktop session is CentOS Linux
  • The files are synced to the work directory of the desktop session
  • Users need to explicitly terminate the job to shutdown the cluster
  • Session files should to be saved to the work folder, after which they will be uploaded to the job files under Results on the platform

Keysight PathWave ADS Setup Tutorial

This tutorial shows how to submit an Keysight ADS job using Rescale End-to-End Desktops.

Start here if you’d like to run a preconfigured ADS tutorial or skip to the next section to start from scratch.

  • Press Import Job Setup button above to upload a pre-configured example
  • Press the Submit button on the Rescale platform to start your job
  • Skip to the Running Simulation on End-To-End Desktop section below
  • Select Create New Job
  • Name the job
  • Select the job type as End-to-End Desktop
  • To specify Inputs, click on Upload from this computer on the Rescale platform and select unlock_si_potential_wrkshp_wrk.7zads ADS archive
  • On Software Settings page, select Advanced Design System Interactive Workflow (ADS Interactive)
  • Select the latest software version from the drop-down menu
  • To Use On-Demand License, check the box as shown below. Also, check the box to agree to the End-User License Agreement and click Next
  • Alternatively, users using their own licenses may select the Use Existing License and specify the relevant licensing information.
  • On the Hardware Settings page, select the hardware configuration that you would like to run your simulation on. In this example, we select the Emerald hardware as shown below
  • Set the Number of Cores to 4
  • Set a suitable Walltime so that the cluster will be terminated after running for that duration
  • Click the Submit button on top right of the screen
  • You can also use pre-configured templates that provide a range of cores and memory per node for circuit and EM simulations
  • Go to the Status tab to view the progress of the job submission
  • Once the job is launched, Connect Interactive Session button on the top right of the screen becomes active
  • Clicking Connect Interactive Session will open an in-browser desktop session in a new tab
  • It can take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes to start a session
  • You can also connect to your desktop using your choice of VNC client. Instructions on how to do this can be found here.
  • Once the Desktop is launched, you will see the icon for Keysight ADS. Click on the icon to launch
  • To setup the simulation, unarchive the unlock_si_potential_wrkshp_wrk.7zads ADS workspace under work/shared
  • Choose the destination path for the workspace under work/shared to ensure all your work is copied on Rescale cloud when the desktop is terminated
  • Some of the lab exercises require access to additional plug-ins like FlexDCA that may not be available on Rescale platform
  • Stop the job to end the Desktop session
  • Any files saved to the work/shared folder will be uploaded to the job storage under Results tab on the platform
  • WARNING: Leaving the End-to-End Desktop running will result in compute and other licensing charges.

To continue using an active workspace for your work:

  • Once you have completed your simulations, archive your ADS workspace (see below on instructions to archive a workspace)
  • Stop the job
  • When ready to begin simulations again, select the archived workspace (.7zads file type) from the terminated job and click Make selected files available as input file when starting the new job
  • PathWave ADS utilizes workspaces to help you organize and store the data generated when you create, simulate, and analyze designs
  • Select aspects you would like to include in your workspace, such as the datasets which contain simulation results.
  • Include EM data files, and / or choose to compress the file, and Finish