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The Jobs provides the company administrator the ability to manage the jobs being run by the users. By default, the page lists all the jobs within the company.

Jobs List

You can view either the Full Jobs List or the Pending Jobs Queue by selecting from the drop down and selecting Pending Jobs Queue.

Pending Jobs Queue

From the Actions menu, the company admin can shutdown, delete or assign jobs to a particular project.

Jobs Actions menu

The advanced filter allows the option to further filter jobs by Name, Owner or Project.

Sort Jobs Name

In addition, there are options to filter by job Status and whether the job is Deleted.

Sort Jobs Status
Sort Jobs Deleted

Deleting Job Template

Organization and Workspace admins can delete a template from a workspace through the workspace jobs list. This list is accessible under the Activity navigation item in the workspace admin. In single workspace organizations, this will be in the Organization Admin.

Admins can use the filter to search for the template that they want to remove. If they know the id of the template that they want to remove, that will provide the most direct way of finding the template.

Once they have found the template that they want to delete, they can select it using the checkbox and use the “Delete jobs” action from the actions dropdown.

After selecting “Delete jobs”, a modal will pop up prompting them to confirm that they want to delete the template. Clicking the Submit button will delete the template.