Coretype Explorer

Coretype Explorer is currently in Open Beta. Please contact your organization’s Solution Architect or Account Executive for setup and configuration assistance.


Coretype Explorer is a tool for users that helps them visually understand what cores would be used for given use cases. It is broken down into two components.

The intended user of this tool are IT Administrators and R&D Engineers who are looking to optimize their workloads. 

Getting Started

Coretype Explorer can be accessed in two different ways:

  1. Jobs > Hardware Settings > Compare coretypes using the Coretype Explorer link
  2. Organization or Workspace Admin > Policies > CoreType Explorer

As always, you can directly navigate to CoreType Explorer by clicking this link.


Coretype Specification

The Coretype Explorer will allow you to get into the more detailed technical information of core types. From this tab, you will be able to visualize and inspect the following details:

  • Coretype
  • Processor Info
  • Cores / Node
  • Base Clock Speed (GHz)
  • Network Bandwidth (Gbps)
  • Network Latency (μs)
  • Instruction Set
  • Memory / Node
  • Memory / Core
  • GPU Info
  • GPUs / Node
  • Storage / Node
  • Storage / Core
  • Price – ODE
  • Price – ODP

Coretype Explorer will enable you to select any of these fields and compare Coretypes against each other. 

For example, if you care about memory and price, the Carbon Coretype might be the choice for you here.