On-Demand Reserved 


On-Demand Reserved (ODR) is a billing mechanism that enables customers to purchase committed concurrent usage at a discount. ODR is similar to On-Demand Priority (ODP) or On-Demand Economy (ODE), except that ODR requires advanced reservation and a minimum one year commitment in order to receive the discount.

If your organization is interested in using ODR, please contact your Solution Architect.

ODR gives customers the most competitive pricing for their planned workload, which reduces the overall HPC spending and provides stability in cost management. Compared to ODP, ODR offers the same capabilities at a lower price. By combining ODR with ODP, customers can get the benefit of low cost while retaining the ability to run burst workloads. Compared to ODE, ODR launches jobs using on-demand instances instead of spot instances and therefore will not be subject to capacity being taken away, as ODE will.

Using On-Demand Reserved

After an organization contacts their Solution Architect to initiate the ODR reservation process, including capacity estimation, reservation, and payment, the ODR coretype will be enabled by Rescale after payment is processed.

When ODR is enabled, the ODR reservation will be represented as a number of concurrent cores available. When users configure a job, they can choose ODP, ODE, or ODR.  If they choose ODR, the job will be queued against the available ODR core. If there are sufficient cores available to meet the request, the job will start. Otherwise, it will wait for other jobs to finish to free up enough cores to process the job.

In order to be able to select a coretype to run using ODR, a ReservedCoresLimit is required on the workspace. A workspace can have multiple ODR limits attached to it, and many workspaces can have such limits. A limit of only a single ReservedCoresLimit for each workspace <> coretype pair is enforced if public beta features are not enabled.

Since ODR is already paid for, there is no additional cost of running jobs on ODR.

Usage Guidelines

ODR is currently available as Public Beta. Currently, customers can place reservations and run jobs against ODR coretypes. Other supporting features are still being developed.