Support Helpdesk


Should you find yourself in need of assistance or should an unforeseen error occur, Rescale provides professional support and problem solving though the Rescale Helpdesk. This page will cover the helpdesk signup process as well as the basics of submitting a ticket to the Rescale support team.

First Time User Sign Up Process

First time users of the Rescale Support helpdesk are required to undertake the helpdesk sign up process. It is important to note that the login credentials used for the sign up process are different than that of your Rescale account. Users who have had active Rescale Accounts prior to accessing the helpdesk will still be required to follow the sign up procedure. Please click the following link to begin: Rescale Helpdesk.

Once you have clicked on the link indicated above, you will be taken to the Rescale Support Sign in page. You will need to create new login credentials for the support page. Please click on the sign up link indicated in the image below to do so.


Once you are taken to the Sign up page you will be required to enter your full name and the email address that you wish to associate with the support helpdesk.


After entering the relevant information, please complete the CAPTCHA prompt and click on the sign up button highlighted in red above. Following this, an email will be sent from to the account that you used for the Sign up portal. The email may take a few minutes to arrive.

Once you have received the email, click on the link provided and you will be prompted to input a password for your new support account. Please ensure that the chosen password is secure and follows the indicated requirements.

Confirmation of your password will conclude the sign up process and provide you access to the support helpdesk.

Users with Support Tickets Prior to Sign Up

For users with supports tickets prior to signing up for the support helpdesk, you will need to click on the Get a password option highlighted below. This will allow for those with prior tickets associated with a desired email to be attached to the support helpdesk.


The process of acquiring a password for users with prior tickets is required. A common error is attempting to sign into the support helpdesk which will result in the error shown below.


Helpdesk homepage and ticket submission

From the Helpdesk homepage you are able to track tickets you have submitted, tickets you’re CC’d on, as well as filter open, solved, pending tickets and tickets associated with your organization and its members. You will also be able to submit new tickets by clicking on the “Submit a Ticket” link highlighted in the image below.

Tickets page

Once you have clicked the “Submit a Ticket” link, you will be taken to the following page, where you will need to specify the Ticket subject, include a description and any relevant Job IDs. This will allow our team to quickly and efficiently address any issue you may be experiencing.

Note: You must check the box above the attachments box if the content of the ticket relates to Rescale’s ITAR platform.

Once you have provided all the necessary information, click the submit button indicated below to complete the ticket creation process.

Ticket submission