LIGGGHTS is an open source software package for particle simulation using discrete element methods. It is widely used in the field of Molecular Dynamics, particularly in the chemical, consumer goods, pharmaceutical, agricultural engineering, food production, steel production, mining and plastics production industries for improvement of production processes.

This example will demonstrate how to clone the heat transfer 1 tutorial from the LIGGGHTS public repository and run the job on a single core Rescale cluster. In addition, it demonstrates installing LPP (LIGGGHTS post-processing) at run-time to allow conversion of results to .vtk files.

Simulation CodeLIGGGHTS 3.3.0
Analysis TypeDiscrete Element Method Particle Simulation
DescriptionHeat Transfer 1 tutorial from LIGGGHTS official repository
Suggested HardwareEmerald / 1 core
liggghts < in.heatGran
Estimated Run Time3 minutes