Workstation Administration

Monitoring Workstations in the Administrative Activity Page

Workstations can be monitored through the Workspace Admin > Activity to determine how long they have been in a running or suspended state.

Workstations can be Shutdown, Deleted, or Assigned to a Project from this list.

Auto-Terminate Long-Suspended Workstations

Administrators can auto-terminate long-suspended workstations by setting a policy within the Workspace Settings > Policies > Workstation Settings.

The policy is turned off by default, but can be toggled on to terminate suspended workstations greater than {N} days, where {N} is defined by you. This period, {N}, refers to the time since the workstation was last suspended and not the total aggregate time suspended.

Additionally, you will be able to notify the Workstation owner automatically {N} hours before termination with as many notifications as you like in order to alert them that their Workstation will be terminated.

Here is an example to illustrate how this would work in a real-life scenario.

  • Admin sets this policy for 7 days and sets 3 notifications (24h, 12h, 1h)
  • UserA starts Workstation1 on 1/1/23 @ 8am and suspends it on 1/1/23 @ 6pm
  • UserA resumes Workstation1 on 1/4/23 @ 8am and then suspends it on 1/5/23 @ 8am
  • UserA will receive notifications on 1/11/23 @ 8am, 1/11/23 @ 8pm, and 1/12/23 @ 7am
  • If userA does not resume Workstation1, it will be terminated on 1/12/23 @ 8am

When turning on this policy, it will apply to both new and existing workstations. If an existing workstation is beyond the termination period, it will be terminated immediately.

By turning on this policy, you can ensure that Workstations will not be in a suspended state forever, burning through your deposit.