Sharing and Cloning Jobs

Last updated: January 4th, 2023


This page walks you through how you can both share and clone jobs on Rescale.

Sharing allows other users to view the setup of your job on Rescale. All files associated with that job will be shared with the recipient.

Cloning allows you to replicate the job setup and files associated with it.

These features are useful in a collaborative setting and when small changes are needed. It is also possible to clone jobs that are shared with you by other users so that you can run the jobs yourself. 

Please contact us if you’re having trouble.

Sharing Jobs with Other Users

  1. Click the Share button on the lists of jobs to open the job-sharing interface.
Figure 1: Share button
  1. Alternatively, you can open the job that you want to share and click the Share button to open the job-sharing interface.
Figure 2: Share from job
  1. Enter the recipient’s email address, as well as a short message if needed, and click the Share button. Note that the recipient will be able to view all files associated with the job (both input and output files).
Figure 3: Share job screen

The recipient will then receive an email with a link to the shared job, allowing them to view the job setup, as well as to clone the job and run it again.

If you try to share a job with a recipient who doesn’t have an account on Rescale, you’ll receive the following error message: “This person is not a current Rescale user, a request has been sent to your admin to invite this user.”

Your workspace and organization administrators will then receive an email asking them to invite that user to your workspace. Once the user is successfully invited, you’ll be able to share your job with them.

In-browser SSH access

In-browser SSH access allows other users to connect to an active cluster for interactive functionality such as checking cluster status, disk usage, and browsing through the file tree in the cluster. For more information on the Rescale in-browser SSH function, see the In-browser SSH topic.

Revoke access to a shared job

To revoke access to a job you shared with a collaborator or Rescale support:

  1. Go to the Jobs List page.
  2. In the Shared column for the selected job, click the Shared User icon. 
Figure 4: Shared user icon
  1. In the Shared User list that appears, select the X next to any user that no longer needs access to the job.
Figure 5: Remove user access
  1. Select Apply to return to the Jobs List page.

Sharing a Job with Rescale Support

Sharing jobs with Rescale Support can be helpful if you are running into any difficulties with your job.

  1. Follow the instructions above to open the job-sharing interface.
  2. Choose the Support tab and then click the box next to Rescale Support to share the job with Rescale support. Note that unless a job is explicitly shared, Rescale does not have access to the job or the associated files.
  3. If any Rescale engineer has directly requested your job, include the engineer’s name and add a short message/description of the issue that you are facing.
Figure 6: Share job with support

We will then take a look at your job and assist you further over email.

For more information about Rescale support, see the Support Helpdesk topic.

Cloning a Job

Cloning a job can be helpful if you want to rerun a job with small changes or want to run a job that was shared with you by a collaborator.

  1. Click the Clone button from the list of jobs.
Figure 7: Share from jobs list
  1. Alternatively, you can click the Clone button on the Job Results page.
Figure 8: Clone from job
  1. After clicking the Clone button, you will be directed to the job’s Setup page, shown below. The new job will have all the same input files (3), software (2), hardware, and post-processing settings as the original. Also, (Cloned) will be added to the title for clarity (1).
Figure 9: Cloning example

Next steps

After receiving or cloning a job, you can make any changes necessary and submit the job. For more information about running jobs, see the Run a Basic Job topic.