Metadata Management Overview

Rescale Metadata Management is an advanced data management framework designed to streamline and enhance simulation data management in engineering and R&D. It provides a seamless, flexible, and automated approach for engineers to capture, manage, and utilize metadata effectively.

  1. Resource Tags: This feature enables users to organize and categorize their resources effectively, making data retrieval and management more efficient. Learn more about Resource Tags.
  2. Custom Fields: Custom Fields allow users to add specific and customizable data fields to their jobs, enhancing data tracking and analysis capabilities. Discover more on Custom Fields.

Rescale Metadata Management supports any engineering and scientific application, ensuring broad compatibility and integration with existing systems. It prioritizes an engineer-centric experience with intuitive collaboration tools and real-time sharing capabilities, fostering unified insights and accelerated discovery. The framework also supports policy-driven governance for data consistency and quality, alongside comprehensive analytics for deeper insights across simulation activities.

Capture Context with Tags

Learn how to add and share simulation context to jobs, files, and workstations quickly and flexibly with tags.

Enforce Process with Fields

Learn how to use custom fields to capture the details for every simulation for data consistency and governance.