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Running a Basic Job

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Configure and run a high performance computing job.


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Answers to the most common Rescale API questions.

CFD+ML Tutorial

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Watch how to use Machine Learning to perform Airfoil Design.

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Okta SSO Setup

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Step 1: Login to Okta portal with admin account Step 2: On top right click on ADMIN button Step 3: Go to Applications menu Step 4: Click on Add Application button on left side of the window Step 5: Click on Create New App Step 6: On the pop-up window, Select platform as Web and…

Workstation Administration

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Monitoring Workstations in the Administrative Activity Page Workstations can be monitored through the Workspace Admin > Activity to determine how long they have been in a running or suspended state. Workstations can be Shutdown, Deleted, or Assigned to a Project from this list. Auto-Terminate Long-Suspended Workstations Administrators can auto-terminate long-suspended workstations by setting a policy…

Metadata Management Overview

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Rescale Metadata Management is an advanced data management framework designed to streamline and enhance simulation data management in engineering and R&D. It provides a seamless, flexible, and automated approach for engineers to capture, manage, and utilize metadata effectively. Rescale Metadata Management supports any engineering and scientific application, ensuring broad compatibility and integration with existing systems….

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